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Jeroen van der Zijp jeroen at fox-toolkit.org
Sat Dec 15 09:24:26 EST 2007

On Friday 14 December 2007, Ernst J. Tanaka wrote:
> Lyle and Henon; thanks for helping out with 'clearing' the frames. It's 
> working.
> I end up using;
> parent.removeChild(righttopframe)
> righttopframe = nil
> Am afraid I stumbled on another question.
> I managed to put my application in a tabbook. I am looking to catch the 
> event 'click on tabitem'.
> I tried SEL_COMMAND on TabItem but that seems not to work.
> I also would appreciate some text to explain  the difference between 
> Tabbar and Tabbook.

FXTabBook is a row of tabs with a number of panes below it; the children
of FXTabBook are tabitem, panel, tabitem, panel, ... So usually an even
number of children.

The FXTabBar is just a number of FXTabItems on a row.  Its useful if
you want tabbook-like behaviour but the content being switched is done
in some other way [e.g. changing the content of a GL window by drawing
a different object].

Hope this helps,

		- Jeroen

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