[fxruby-users] fxruby and framecontrole

Ernst J. Tanaka ernst at tanakasite.com
Wed Dec 12 16:12:42 EST 2007

I am new to (FX)ruby and am wrestling with the following question.

In my application I have a three frame split by two splitters.
One frame on the left side with a treelist and two frames above each 
other on the right side.

The editable content of the right top frame depends on the item clicked 
in the treelist.
The editable content of the right bottom frame depends on data enter in 
the right top frame.

I maganged to program all this for the first click on a tree-item.

My question is how do I reset righttopframe and rightbottomframe after 
handling treeitem(1) and before click on the next item.

I tried righttopframe.destroy but that that does not seems to do the 
work. Since after a destroy "if righttopframe" still gives value true.

in pseudo code my program is now

on click tree item {
    build right topframe
    righttopframe.show }
on click righttopframe_button {
    build right bottomframe
on click rightbottomframe-button {
    edit database}

Thank you for any suggestions.


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