[fxruby-users] setting the font in FXText

Thomas, Jason M (Software) jmthomas at ball.com
Fri Aug 24 11:37:52 EDT 2007

I have subclassed a FXDialogBox and put a FXText in it for displaying a
hex dump in my application. I want to change the font to a courier type
font since it's a hex dump. When do the following it works as expected:
# A little dialog box to use in our tests
class FXTextDialog < FXDialogBox
  def initialize(owner)
    # Invoke base class initialize function first
    super(owner, "Temp", DECOR_TITLE|DECOR_BORDER, 0, 0, 200, 200)
    button = FXHorizontalFrame.new(self,
    contents = FXHorizontalFrame.new(self,
    @fxtext = FXText.new(contents, nil, 0,
    @fxtext.font = FXFont.new(getApp(), "courier", 8)
    # Ok button
    ok = FXButton.new(button, "OK", nil, self, ID_CANCEL,

However, when I add the following method to FXTextDialog and call it I
get a Seg Fault!:
  def set_font()
    @fxtext.font = FXFont.new(getApp(), "courier", 8)
Usage in my application:
  def onTableHex(sender, sel, ptr)
    @dialog = FXTextDialog.new(self)
How do I set my font once I have already created the dialog box or is
this possible?


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