[fxruby-users] Ruby Fox newbie query

Lyle Johnson lyle.johnson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 17:53:11 EDT 2007

On Aug 22, 2007, at 11:13 AM, David Kirkpatrick wrote:

> That did the trick. thanks a lot. Basically u need to 'create'  
> anything in a frame, and do a 'recalc' on the frame each time the  
> output changes.


> Is there anywhere where that sort of info is documented? I trawled  
> for a couple of days over the tutorials etc. with no obvious  
> solution. My app is going to be an ongoing thing, so if there's any  
> good material I missed can u point me in the right direction. Any  
> reference to those sorts of functions would be good.

Hypothetically speaking, someone might be writing a book about FXRuby  
that should be published later this year. But that doesn't help you  
in the short term. The best resources, for now, are the documentation  
at the FOX web site (http://www.fox-toolkit.org/) and the FXRuby web  
site (http://www.fxruby.org/). There's also some coverage of FXRuby  
in Hal Fulton's book The Ruby Way (2nd ed.), which is a good book to  
have in general if you're doing Ruby work.

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