[fxruby-users] Support for Ruby 1.9?

gga ggarra at advancedsl.com.ar
Tue Apr 17 20:04:33 EDT 2007

Lyle Johnson wrote:
> On 4/17/07, Kevin Burge <kevin.burge at systemware.com> wrote:
>> Any estimate on support for 1.9 in FXRuby?  I only ask because I'm
>> trying to add support for 1.9 to my extensions, and I end up building
>> FXRuby in the process.
> Yikes, Ruby 1.9 wasn't even on my radar screen yet. Since you've
> actually done some stuff with it -- Is it stable enough to even try
> out yet? I know the official release won't be until the end of the
> year (or whatever), but is it kinda working at this point?

As far as I can tell, ruby1.9 has always been functional.  It has
remained more or less stable since the YARV merge last December.
There are relatively minor changes to the C api, but nothing earth
shattering for .so writers.
The only big gotcha is that ruby1.9 does away with continuations and
that yarv is a little bit more multithread aware (not quite, really, but
you need to prepare for it), so some of the internal stuff in eval.c is
quite different.
SWIG should already be 1.9 aware, as far as I can tell.

PS.  Talking about SWIG.  As a result of me wrapping FLTK and the Maya
API library under it, I've submitted 4 patches to the latest SWIG for
ruby.  Two are for relatively serious bugs in it (that could potentially
crash it on some rare ocassions).  I'm not sure if Fox could benefit
from those (Fox mainly uses its own classes and relatively little of the
features swig).

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ggarra at advancedsl.com.ar

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