[fxruby-users] SEL_CLOSE - win32 event

A.R. a.reith at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 20:06:13 EDT 2006

> > This is due to a bug in FOX; see:
> >

Ok thanks for this explication :)

> > > Any idea for doing that only with Ruby and FXruby ?
> >
> > No, sorry. That's getting into way too much Win32 platform-dependent
> > stuff. Your best bet is to try to get Jeroen to provide first class
> > support for that in FOX.

I understand (and agree) this. In fact, i'm asked more how to attach
some external event (generated by win or by the application ...). i'll
take a look at FXMAPFUNC and try to pick some external win32 manager
event (but i didn't find this for the moment in ruby).


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