[fxruby-users] Change default background, maybe to a wallpaper design ?

Meinrad Recheis meinrad.recheis at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 03:32:46 EDT 2006

On 9/27/06, Meinrad Recheis <meinrad.recheis at gmail.com> wrote:
> its possible to set the widget colors
> (backColor/baseColor/hiliteColor/shadowColor/frameColor/textColor ...)
> to better looking colors. i have done this for example in foxGUIb. but
> it requires special tweaks for every kind of widget. sometimes it
> requires even defining tricky singleton methods to achieve good
> looking color schemes, but it is possible.

here is a screenshot of a userinterface I did at my work with FXRuby.
i am going to add the style-library I built to foxGUIb if some people
are interested.
-- henon
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