[fxruby-users] Change default background, maybe to a wallpaper design ?

Meinrad Recheis meinrad.recheis at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 16:09:20 EDT 2006

its possible to set the widget colors
(backColor/baseColor/hiliteColor/shadowColor/frameColor/textColor ...)
to better looking colors. i have done this for example in foxGUIb. but
it requires special tweaks for every kind of widget. sometimes it
requires even defining tricky singleton methods to achieve good
looking color schemes, but it is possible.

background images (skinning) is impossible for standard widgets in
fox. you could do it  with FXCanvas but that would require to rewrite
all the standard widgets in ruby as derivatives of FXCanvas. i
wouldn't try that ;)

consider switching to jruby and swing. jruby is getting pretty mature
and swing is a toolkit that is well designed (compared to fox) and
fully supports skinning.

-- henon

On 9/27/06, Lyle Johnson <lyle at knology.net> wrote:
> On Sep 27, 2006, at 4:33 AM, Axel Etzold wrote:
> > I would like to change the greyish background of the FXRuby GUI.
> > Now, I have two questions with respect to this:
> > I know that I can change the color of individual buttons, toolbars
> > etc., but I'd like to know whether one can change this greyish
> > default.
> > using something like
> >
> > app.backColor = STD_BACK_COLOR
> >
> > didn't do what I want...
> Try experimenting with the application's base color attribute, e.g.
>         app.baseColor = FXColor::PapayaWhip
> Note that in order for this setting to apply to the entire
> application, you need to make this setting when the application
> object is first instantiated, and before you've created any other
> widgets, e.g.
>         app = FXApp.new
>         app.baseColor = FXColor::DeepSkyBlue1
>         main = FXMainWindow.new(app, ...)
> > Is it possible to create such a background with RMagick and use it to
> > replace all that's grey in FXRuby GUIs ?
> Not that I know of... You might ask around on the FOX GUI list about
> this. I know that it's been asked there before.
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