[fxruby-users] FXTreeList, single and double clicks events

Jeroen van der Zijp jeroen at fox-toolkit.org
Wed Oct 25 19:59:41 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 25 October 2006 03:19, fxrbu1 at gi2.herzkes.de wrote:
> Philippe Lang wrote:
> > When double-clicking on an item in an FXTreeList, 
> > both SEL_CLICKED and SEL_DOUBLECLICKED events are generated.
> I believe this is common behaviour among GUI toolkits since the toolkit
> cannot predict the future. After the first click, it does not know if a
> second click will follow.

Yes, that's basically just how it is; its very hard to make a prediction,
especially about the future ;-)

		- Jeroen

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