[fxruby-users] Painting a custom control

Wayne Conrad wconrad at yagni.com
Sat Oct 21 15:22:54 EDT 2006

On Sat, Oct 21, 2006 at 12:53:39PM -0500, Lyle Johnson wrote:
> Hope this helps,

It sure does.  My custom control is now drawing itself just fine.

It took me a small bit of fiddling, but not much, to figure out that
"include Responder" is required before I can call FXMAPFUNC.

I had thought that FXMAPFUNC was legacy stuff...  I misunderstood this


FXMAPFUNC is mentioned in the discussion of flaws with earlier
releases of FXRuby, and not mentioned again after that.

One of the examples using FXMAPFUNC was called "scribble-orig.rb", and
the "scribble.rb" doesn't use it.  That's another thing that made me
think that FXMAPFUNC was strictly a legacy function.

FXMAPFUNC doesn't appear (that I can find) in the API docs for FXRuby
1.4 or 1.6-- another reason I thought it was deprecated.  Neither does
Responder.  Should they be in the API docs?

I'm not complaining... just explaining where a newby got misled.
You've been very helpful, and FXRuby has been the most enjoyable GUI
framework I've tried so far.  I've done Windows, OS/2 PM, TK, and both
flavors of Java GUI.  The reason I don't do GUIs is because the
frameworks drive me to drink.  FXRuby might change that.

Thanks again, Lyle.

        Wayne Conrad

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