[fxruby-users] FXRuby and Unicode

Philippe Lang philippe.lang at attiksystem.ch
Mon Oct 9 02:31:14 EDT 2006

fxruby-users-bounces at rubyforge.org wrote:

> On Sep 28, 2006, at 9:55 AM, Jeroen van der Zijp wrote:
>> I'm not 100% sure if the FXRuby glue needs to be compiled with this;
>> but certainly, FOX itself should be.
> Right. And unless the Visual C++ project file that comes with
> the FOX source distribution already has this flag set, I'm
> not compiling FOX that way (i.e. for the binary distribution of
> FXRuby for Windows). Anyways, I just need to check into this one and
> see what's what. I've added it to my bug list until it's resolved.


I was just wondering what was the state of this discussion regarding unicode.

I'm unable to have french accents in a widget, like an FXLabel for example.


require 'jcode'

... Does not help.

On the opposite, I can read an accentuated characters string in an FXTextField, and store it into Postgresql, through Active Record.

Is all that supposed to be corrected in the next version?

Philippe Lang
Attik System
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