[fxruby-users] Default double-click in FXTable?

Philippe Lang philippe.lang at attiksystem.ch
Fri Oct 6 09:51:52 EDT 2006


The default action when double-clicking on an editable cell in an FXTable is to drop into "edit" mode for that cell.

I would like to override that for a specific column in an FXTable, which contains a date. Double-clicking in that column launch a calendar editor.

I have done that:

        @table.connect(SEL_DOUBLECLICKED) do |sender, selector, data|
            row = @table.selStartRow
            col = @table.selStartColumn
            case col
                when 1
                    CellEditorCalendar.new(self, @lignes, row, col).execute
                    # Use default double-click of FXTable?

It works pretty well, except that I cannot figure out how to call the default FXTable code when double-click is done in a column != 1.

Does anybody know how to do that?


Philippe Lang
Attik System

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