[fxruby-users] Add a tab to a tabbok dynamically?

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Tue Oct 3 08:48:41 EDT 2006

On Oct 3, 2006, at 5:52 AM, Philippe Lang wrote:

> I cannot figure out how to add a tab to a tabbook dynamically,  
> while the program is running.
> Does anyone know how to force the tab to appear? I tried calling  
> recalc, repaint, layout or forceRefresh, but no success... Below is  
> a small example.


>   def onAddTab(sender, sel, data)
>       puts "A tab is added..."
>       FXTabItem.new(@tabbook, "Another tab", nil)
>       FXVerticalFrame.new(@tabbook,
>       self.recalc
>       self.repaint
>       self.layout
>       self.forceRefresh
>       @tabbook.recalc
>       @tabbook.repaint
>       @tabbook.layout
>       @tabbook.forceRefresh
>   end

You need to call create() on the new tab item and vertical frame.  
Another way would be to call create() on their parent (@tabbook). You  
don't need any of that other stuff (i.e. the calls to recalc,  
repaint, layout and forceRefresh).

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