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Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Fri May 12 08:06:50 EDT 2006

On May 11, 2006, at 4:23 PM, Ederson Luz Moreira wrote:

> Hi, I'm Ederson and I'm Science Computer student here in Brazil. I'm 
> developing a final course project about classes from FXRuby, and I 
> need to update these classes, as example, the FXGLShape, I need to 
> insert the procedures about 3D transformations, like rotation, 
> translate and scale, but I've been trouble about scale function 
> sintaxe. How can I find some solution to implement this, I've found in 
> documentation and in your site, but I didn´t find anything about 
> OpenGL and the function Scale, how will it be??? Thank's a lot for 
> your attention and write soon back.

I don't know if I understand your question. Are you saying that you 
would like to add a "scale" method to the FXGLShape class? If that's 
the case, you probably actually need to add this method to the 
subclasses of FXGLShape instead, e.g.

	class FXGLLine
		def scale(scaling_factor)
			# your code goes here!

Hope this helps,

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