[fxruby-users] ComboBox and setFocus - a liltle bug and its workaround

Gérard Ménochet gerard.menochet at wanadoo.fr
Tue May 2 20:15:39 EDT 2006


*    FXcomboBox (FXListBox) doesn't catch properly the focus (if the list isn't empty). If you strike the tab key, you got it.

    I tried something, not really tricky

    aComboId.children[0].setFocus()   # miracle !!!     that works

    children[0] is the texField object
    children[1] is the button object


    It would be nice to have this two identifiers as Attributes ( with some warnings) in the FXComboBox (FXListBox) widgets. No need  to declare a bug. For me, it seems logical to have  comboBoxId.gettextFieldId().setFocus().

* I 'd like to set a selectAll() on this textField of the comboBox but unfortunately, it's a FXWindow class.
  I will be glad to have some clues


Gérard Ménochet

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