[fxruby-users] Some questions

Gérard Ménochet gerard.menochet at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 1 20:39:40 EDT 2006


Some questions

1_ Is there a standard way to exit from a FXText widget wih the keyboard ?

2_ I have a problem with the setFocus() on FXComboBox and FXListbox.
    something like that:
      libo =FXListBox.new(parent,nil, 0) 
      (1980..2050).each do |i| libo.appendItem(i.to_s) end

      The widgets don't catch the focus. If I press the tab key, they get it.

3_ FXCombox again. I set a selectAll(). When I exit the combo, it is not correctly deselectet. For example, the selected color is blue, when I exit to another widget, it keeps a kind of brown selected color. 

4_ FXlistBox FComboBox: it's not possible to navigate on the pane with the down and up arrows ?


Gérard Ménochet

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