[fxruby-users] You should explain how "require" translates names.

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Thu Mar 30 13:56:13 EST 2006

On Thu, 30 Mar 2006 10:46:36 -0700, Stephen Tashiro
<stephen.tashiro at us.army.mil> wrote :

> You do a good job of directing the Linux user to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and 
> ldconfig.  But you frustrate people who "know exactly what your talking 
> about" in that regard but are new to Ruby.  What such a reader needs to 
> know is:
> How does
> require 'fox14'
> result in a search for  libFox1.4.so ?
> Should they try putting a full path name in the require?  Should they 
> create a symbolic link from fox14 to libFox1.4.so?  Or is there some 
> mapping of short names to library names that is configured in a file 
> somewhere?    This is a key piece of information.


Thanks for pointing this out; it's been a long time since I wrote that part
of the documentation and no one's really commented on it from this perspective.

When Ruby sees:

    require 'fox14'

it goes looking in Ruby's search path for a file named "fox14.so". That
shared library contains the (compiled) C++ code that bridges between FOX and
Ruby. The problem that I was describing in the User's Guide is that the
loader can't find libFOX-1.4.so, which is a dependency of fox14.so.

So no, they shouldn't put a full path name in the require statement -- Ruby
has already found "fox14.so", it just can't find one of the shared libraries
that "fox14.so" depends on. Nor should they create a symbolic link between
fox14.so and libFOX-1.4.so -- they're two completely different pieces of code.

-- Lyle

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