[fxruby-users] intercepting messages from FXScrollBar toFXScrollArea

Dirk Schwendemann ujb1 at gmx.de
Wed Mar 29 02:47:25 EST 2006

Hello Lyle,

the Task, I want to accomplish:
I've created a little app that is used on a PC with a touch screen. To ease
hitting the keys, the keys and the scrollbars are really big (45 pixels). So
the ScrollCorner is also really big and I just wanted to use this space by
moving the ScrollDown Botton down to the position of the ScrollCorner (like
the attachment shows)

The code looks like this (it seems to work unless that you can't use the
scrollbar afterward):

      width = textField.verticalScrollBar.width
      height = textField.height
      textField.verticalScrollBar.resize(width, height)

The connect method has changed the target of the ScrollBar and so the
ScrollArea doesn't get any further messages from the ScrollBar. How can I
avoid that connect prevents the ScrollArea from receiving messages?
I don't want to subclass FXScrollArea, as I'm using foxGUIb to create the

Best regards,


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