[fxruby-users] detecting row and column selections in an FXTable

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Tue Mar 28 15:07:06 EST 2006

On Mar 28, 2006, at 1:47 PM, Mark Volkmann wrote:

> Are you sure about this?  I've overridden that method and it doesn't
> get called when I click a column header. I wonder if that method is
> only used to programatically select a column. Hopefully there is
> another way to be notified that the user clicked a column heading.


I was mistaken in my previous e-mail. It doesn't look like that method 
(selectColumn) or the message handler associated with it 
(onCmdSelectColumn) ever gets used. I suspect it's dead code, and I've 
posted a question about it on the foxgui-users list.

So back to your original question, it doesn't look like there's an easy 
way to catch this event. When the user clicks on a column header, the 
table receives an ID_SELECT_COLUMN_INDEX message which is handled by 
its onCmdSelectColumnIndex() method. This is not a virtual method (in 
C++) that we can override. I'll think about a possible workaround but 
nothing obvious comes to mind, unfortunately.


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