[fxruby-users] intercepting messages from FXScrollBar to FXScrollArea

Dirk Schwendemann ujb1 at gmx.de
Tue Mar 28 11:14:06 EST 2006

Hi FXRuby-users,

I want to connect to SEL_CONFIGURE events of a FXScrollBar.
The corresponding code looks like this:

@scrollArea.verticalScrollBar.connect(SEL_CONFIGURE){ ... }

After this connect, the ScrollArea doesn't receive any events.

Before the call, the target of the Scrollbar was the FXScrollArea. After the
call, the connect method has created an PseudoTarget that has overwritten
the original target.

Any idea, how I can connect to the verticalScrollBar without disturbing the

One more question: Is there a "global" hook method that can be used in a
FXObject to intercept all messages sent to this object? The handle method of
FXObject doesn't seem to work for this



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