[fxruby-users] detecting row and column selections in an FXTable

Mark Volkmann r.mark.volkmann at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 21:03:20 EST 2006

On 3/27/06, Lyle Johnson <lyle at knology.net> wrote:
> On Mar 27, 2006, at 6:43 PM, Mark Volkmann wrote:
> > What's the proper way to detect when a row header or column header in
> > an FXTable is clicked. I tried this, but it didn't work.
> >
> > table.connect(SEL_SELECTED) do |table, selection, position|
> >   type = FXSELTYPE(selection)
> >   identifier = FXSELID(selection)
> >   puts "column selected" if identier == FXTable::ID_SELECT_COLUMN
> > end
> >
> > It seems that identifier always gets set to zero.
> A bug was fixed for this in FXRuby 1.4.4 (see the change notes at
> http://www.fxruby.org/doc/changes.html). The table widget is supposed
> to send an FXTablePos instance along as its message data, from which
> you could extract the selected row and column:
>         table.connect(SEL_SELECTED) do |table, sel, table_pos|
>                 puts "selected row, col = #{table_pos.row}, #{table_pos.col}"
>         end

When I click a column header, I get a separate event for every cell in
that column.
Is there a way to just get one event that says a column header (or a
row header) was selected?

R. Mark Volkmann
Object Computing, Inc.

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