[fxruby-users] Multitab FXRuby Editor with movable tabs - possible?

Roebe XXX shevegen at linuxmail.org
Tue Mar 21 21:24:51 EST 2006

Hi list,

I want to make an editor in FXRuby, that shall feature (as 
my personal basic needs)

- ruby syntax highlighting (and php ;>), in general though any 
kind of syntax highlighting words easily
- tabs/buffers that have one file in them
- ability to rearrange tabs, by clicking with mouse on them and 
move them to another position
- vim like keybindings (optional)

Anyway, i am asking whether this is possible.
In Ruby/GTK2 I came pretty far, had tabs, could rearrange them 
(though not yet at drag and drop, which is the thing I am trying 
to pay most attention soon), but I got a bit frustrated at it 
and dropped it for some time. Then I picked about FOX again ;)
(First toolkit was Tcl/Tk via ruby, this is really very ugly
in my opinion)

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