[fxruby-users] Strange

Björn Bergqvist bjorn.bergqvist at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 02:42:15 EST 2006

I've installed fox-1.4.31, fxscintilla-1.63 and fxruby-1.4.4 on my Gentoo-box.

When I press this button:
    FXButton.new(toolbar, "\tReset\tReset the viewer.",
      loadIcon("reset"), @viewer, FXGLViewer::ID_RESETVIEW,
I got:
FXRuby.cpp:145: FXASSERT(result==0) failed.
and whet I select something in the FXGLViewer the application crashes:
discretizer.rb:1138:in `drawContents': Expected FXDC * (TypeError)
        from discretizer.rb:1138
The strange thing is that when i use the pane:
    FXMenuCommand.new(pane, "R&eset\t\tReset all viewing parameters", nil,
      sender, FXGLViewer::ID_RESETVIEW)
it works.

Björn Bergqvist

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