[fxruby-users] FXProgressDialog trouble

Maurice Codik maurice.codik at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 12:30:37 EST 2006

Hey Sascha,

Thanks for the code example-- I used your approach and the dialog now works
fine. I'm not writing an ftp client-- im writing a utility that will make
uploading many files onto openomy.com (a file storage site I help run) a
little easier.

It calls:

progress = FXProgressDialog.new(...)
... do stuff ..

Which is non-modal, but works fine as long as I dont create a new thread.
Still, this doesnt feel like the "right" solution.

I will try to use ID_ACCEPT again after I upgrade my Ruby/FXRuby later this


On 3/7/06, Sascha Dördelmann <sdruby at onlinehome.de> wrote:
> Hello Maurice,
> > I'm having trouble with FXProgressDialog-- I'm trying to use it to show
> the progress of a file upload..
> > [...]
> > can someone point me to an example of successfully using this dialog?
> My sourceforge-project Piggy includes an FTP browser written in FXRuby but
> I do not use a separate thread. Termination doesn't seem to be a problem
> there. I've noticed a few side effects, though. E. g. the modal Dialog which
> starts the upload will stay open until the upload is finished.
> BTW: If you are building an FTP browser, too, you might want to join in
> the project (or should I join yours)?
> Cheers
> Sascha
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