[fxruby-users] problem compiling fxruby

Giannandrea Castaldi g.castaldi at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 08:10:20 EST 2006

I'm using ruby on my laptop with Ubuntu and since this distribution
has ruby 1.8.3 I've installed for my user ruby 1.8.4 in $HOME/local.
I want to use fxri and then I've installed fox from Ubuntu and fxruby
and fxri from gem without problem.
Now I'd like to use mondrian or freeride and I've seen that for that I
must recompile fxruby with fxscintilla. In Ubuntu I haven't found both
scintilla and fxscintilla and then I've recompiled them and installed
in $HOME/local. When I recompile fxruby with the following command:
~/local/lib/ruby/gems/cache$ gem install fxruby-1.2.6.gem --force -- 

I've the following error:

Attempting local installation of 'fxruby-1.2.6.gem'
Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
In file included from core_wrap.cpp:584:
include/FXRbCommon.h:83:23: error: Scintilla.h: No such file or directory
include/FXRbCommon.h:84:25: error: FXScintilla.h: No such file or directory

I've tried to put the scintilla files .h in serveral places:
- $HOME/local/include/scintilla
- $HOME/local/include/fxscintilla
- $HOME/local/include
- /usr/include/scintilla
but the problem remains, any solution?



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