[fxruby-users] Create fails strangely => Fixed resource limits in FXRuby/Fox?

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Wed Jun 7 09:46:13 EDT 2006

On Jun 7, 2006, at 5:22 AM, Martin Portman wrote:

> I've got a problem with my big and sprawling app.  The behaviour
> appears to be related to how many widgets i have in use. (I'm creating
> 100's and using show/hide at appropriate times.)
> What happens when i create a new window is code like this:
>     Control.new( owner , ... )
>     puts 1
>     control.create
>     puts 2
> will work fine, but at some point will display 1, but not 2, and
> the loop it was in will terminate there and then, but the app.
> will keep on running, destined to crash oddly later on.

To address the subject line first: we don't have any fixed resource 
limits in FOX. The problem that you're describing, however, is almost 
certainly a GC-related bug in FXRuby. A possible workaround is to add 
the line:


somewhere near the beginning of your program's execution. That won't 
work around all GC-related bugs, but it often does the trick. And I 
stress that it is just a work-around; we need to identify the actual 
underlying bug.

> If I put all the creates after all the Control.new calls I get
> exactly the same behaviour.  It is completely repeatable.

Repeatable bugs are good things. ;)

Can you send me a copy of the program and some instructions on how to 
reproduce the crash? Even better, if you hit on a way to reproduce the 
problem in a pared-down version of the application, that will reduce 
the number of distractions during debugging.

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