[fxruby-users] Q about combining behaviour of foursplit.rb and shutter.rb

lyle at knology.net lyle at knology.net
Mon Jun 5 16:24:21 EDT 2006

On Mon, 05 Jun 2006 22:14:05 +0200, Axel Etzold <AEtzold at gmx.de> wrote :

> So far, I've tried to change the {}-block of the ShutterButtons
> to achieve that:
>     shutterItem = ShutterItem.new(@shutter, "Files, data, and pictures",
>     ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Expand dirlist",
fatBot).connect(SEL_COMMAND) { FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_TOPLEFT}
>     ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Expand cell file editor",
angryGuy).connect(SEL_COMMAND) { FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_BOTTOMLEFT}
>     ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Expand tuning curve plot",
sawBlade).connect(SEL_COMMAND) {  FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_TOPRIGHT}
>     ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Expand reconstruction plot",
>     ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Show all four",
redMacOS).connect(SEL_COMMAND) { FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_ALL }
> But nothing happens.
> What should I do ?

Well, your message-handler blocks don't *do* anything (other than evaluate
the value of a constant like FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_TOPLEFT).

I think you want to modify them to call a function on the splitter, for example:

      "Expand dirlist",
      fatBot).connect(SEL_COMMAND) {
        four_splitter.expanded = FX4Splitter::ExpandTopLeft

Hope this helps,


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