[fxruby-users] Q about combining behaviour of foursplit.rb and shutter.rb

Axel Etzold AEtzold at gmx.de
Mon Jun 5 16:14:05 EDT 2006

I have a window that is split into four, like in
foursplit.rb, where there are four buttons.
Using a menu command, one can expand any of
these, so that only this button takes the whole
Now, I want to add a shutter button bar, as there
is one in shutter.rb to the left of the main window.

The user should have the possibility to "expand"
any of the four windows, both from the menu
(as in foursplit.rb), and from one set of Shutterbuttons.

So far, I've tried to change the {}-block of the ShutterButtons
to achieve that:

    shutterItem = ShutterItem.new(@shutter, "Files, data, and pictures", nil, LAYOUT_FILL_Y)
    ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Expand dirlist", fatBot).connect(SEL_COMMAND) { FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_TOPLEFT}
    ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Expand cell file editor", angryGuy).connect(SEL_COMMAND) { FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_BOTTOMLEFT}
    ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Expand tuning curve plot", sawBlade).connect(SEL_COMMAND) {  FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_TOPRIGHT}
    ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Expand reconstruction plot", redMacOS).connect(SEL_COMMAND) {FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_BOTTOMRIGHT}
    ShutterButton.new(shutterItem.content, "Show all four", redMacOS).connect(SEL_COMMAND) { FX4Splitter::ID_EXPAND_ALL }
But nothing happens.
What should I do ?

Thank you very much,

Best regards,


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