[fxruby-users] Selected text background color in a combobox question

Jeroen van der Zijp jeroen at fox-toolkit.org
Fri Jul 14 12:00:37 EDT 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 10:33, Axel Etzold wrote:
> Dear Jeroen,
> thank you for responding. Unfortunately, you did not
>   answer to my question at all :(

Well, I was basically explaing that that's how I think the combobox 
should behave...

> I know of both FXComboBox and FXlistBox.
> I am quite happy with FXComboBox now, and I would not
> be happier with an FXListBox with the problem I have. 
> If you select an entry in an FXCombobox, and then leave 
> that box, the text of the entry gets a greyish background
> color.
> As one then  moves on to another FXcombobox (if there
>   is one), and changes that one as well, this greyish background
> color of the text of the selection of the first FXCombobox disappears.
> Now I would like to have it disappear right away, because it
> looks ugly to have one greyish background color behind a text
> all the time, if you change something on the original configuration.
> I have tried to use setSetBackColor, setHiliteColor, setShadowColor
> on the FXTextField children of FXCombobox, but none worked.
> I suggest that it should be a standard behavior of FXListbox and
> FXCombobox that there is no background color of the text of the
> selected item, at least this color should disappear after the user
> "leaves" this widget.
> How do I achieve this behavior ?

The simplest way is to set the text:


I believe that should do it.

Of course, if anything else gets selected, the text field will lose the
selection as well.

	- Jeroen

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