[fxruby-users] reparent in the FXWindow documentaton

Gérard Ménochet gerard.menochet at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jul 11 19:31:49 EDT 2006


The definition of reparent in the FXWindow documentation seems odd to me:

<< reparent(father, other) 
Reparent this window under new father window, after other sibling..  >>

I wonder if  I should  understand  .... before other sibling

from core.rb

   # Relink this window before sibling window _other_, in the parent's window list.
    def linkBefore(other)
      reparent(self.parent, other)
    # Relink this window after sibling window _other_, in the parent's window list.
    def linkAfter(other)
      reparent(self.parent, other.next)

Is there a problem ???


Gérard Ménochet
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