[fxruby-users] setting default FONT for buttons . etc

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Mon Jan 23 20:46:06 EST 2006

On Jan 22, 2006, at 7:13 PM, brett s hallett wrote:

> I have just upgraded to FXRuby & FOX 1.4 'x' and discover that when I
> reload my programs using 'fox14' ( was 'fox12') the displayed FONT is
> not as it was. ie: very thin and washed out.
> Can anybody direct me to how I can set the  default font ?

Just set it before you start constructing any widgets and that should 
do the trick, e.g.

	app = FXApp.new(...)
	app.normalFont = FXFont.new(app, ...)
	MainWindow.new(app, ...)

Hope this helps,


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