[fxruby-users] FXTextField

Uwe Hartl uwe.hartl at gmx.net
Mon Jan 23 18:06:30 EST 2006

I am trying to insert text into an FXTextField. Unfortunately the TextField 
just shows Garbage. If I print (p garbage) the Garbage it says "\a"

Why does it not say "dfdf" and show "dfdf" in the text field? Here is the code 
I use:

@txt = FXTextField.new(hf, 10, nil, 0, opts= LAYOUT_FILL_X)
@txt.handle(sender, FXSEL(FXTextField::SEL_COMMAND, 
FXTextField::ID_INSERT_STRING), "dfdf")

I a confused. Please, can someone help?

Thank you very much.


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