[fxruby-users] help, message passing

Joel VanderWerf vjoel at path.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 17 22:52:13 EST 2006

boxofsoxx-goognews at yahoo.com wrote:
> What is the correct way to pass messages between windows. I am trying to create
> an edit dialog that allows you to edit and save a text field. The dialog called
> FXEditDialog is inherited from FXDialogBox, and has an FXText field, and three
> buttons, save cancel and OK. I don't know how to pass the message from the
> buttons back to the main window so that I can update the the field in the main
> window. I looked through the documentation and couldn't find any examples. Any
> help will be greatly appreciated.

Can you just call #connect on each button, and give it a code block that
sets the text of the field in the main window?

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