[fxruby-users] dynamically changing dialogs

Sascha Dordelmann sdruby at onlinehome.de
Sat Jan 7 12:05:20 EST 2006

Forrest Chang wrote:
>   I want to dynamically change a subclass of
> FXDialogBox after it'd been displayed.  I did some
> googling and found that widget.create solves the
> problem on FXMainWindow, but does not seem to do the
> same with an FXDialogBox.    I have a code sample that
> creats a main window with a button to display a
> simplified dialog which adds 2 "entries" to itself in
> initialize() and gives a button to add additional
> entries.  The 2 buttons added in intialize work, but I
> can't see them added later.

I was able to add checkboxes dynamically in GongFox
but I can't tell you how to get rid of them later
other than with the hide function.


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