[fxruby-users] FXChoiceBox

Uwe Hartl uwe.hartl at gmx.net
Mon Feb 27 17:24:53 EST 2006


can somebody give me an example of an FXChoiceBox?
			f = File.open("icons/bigpenguin.png", "rb")
			icon = FXPNGIcon.new(getApp(), f.read)
			choice = FXChoiceBox.ask(getApp(), opts = 0, caption = "Unbekannter 
Eintrag", text = "Wirklich neuen Wert anlegen?", icon, ["Ja", "Nein"])
			self.text = "" if choice == 1

This just does not work. What do I do wrong and where do I get such easy 
example code? 

Is there somewhere a database of code snippets for FXRuby?


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