[fxruby-users] Hide/show list items

lyle@knology.net lyle at knology.net
Wed Feb 15 17:19:37 EST 2006

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006 23:10:35 +0100, "thom01" <thom01 at laposte.net> wrote :

> [1]
> Is there a way of hiding/showing list/table/whatever elements
> without rebuilding a new list ?

Obviously, you can add or remove list items without "rebuilding" the list
from scratch. But no, there's no way to temporarily hide a list item.

> [2]
> How to initialize the height of a frame whose parent is a
> splitter ?
> My main window is splitted vertically, the bottom pane
> contains a FXText only, I'd like to display 3 lines (or a
> given height) only when I create the main window.

Please see if this topic from the FOX Community Wiki site addresses your


> [3]
> I'm still using FXRuby 1.0, is the API available somewhere ?

Yes, here:


Hope this helps,


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