[fxruby-users] Inheritance

Meinrad Recheis meinrad.recheis at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 15:16:42 EST 2006

On 2/11/06, Sascha Dordelmann <sdruby at onlinehome.de> wrote:
> Hi Uwe,
> > MVC is okay for implementing little things like buttons,
> > but it fails miserably as an application-level architecture.
> The model of an application window models the behavour of the window. You
> will of course need need a domain-model in addition to the
> application-model. This is not a problem with MVC but a problem with people
> misunderstanding MVC.

i agree to that. MVC scales well to the application level when applied
> Be suspicious if someone with a C++ and Java background trys to explain OO
> to you. In addition to this the author tells you that everybody else is
> wrong and he himself has got it right.

yes. the motivation for his approach (encapsulating functionality that
deals with the data into the data object) is maintainability. the
concept works only for his example (changing the type of data) but it
doesn't scale well on large systems. imagine adding new functionality
to the system. every concerned object would have to be extended and
the functionality would be scattered over all data objects which may
result in a maintainance horror.

I don't think that there is one right way to do the object
decomposition of a system. there are several alternatives each of them
with their specific tradeoffs.

-- henon

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