[fxruby-users] foxguib

Antti Karanta Antti.Karanta at iki.fi
Thu Feb 9 12:38:01 EST 2006

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 22:36, you wrote:

> this certainly seems to suggest that things were recompiled and that the
>   library picked up the new libraries.

  What a dumb mistake from me - foxguib uses fxruby 1.2 (and fox 1.2) whereas 
I compiled a new version of fox 1.4 and run the examples against fxruby 1.4.

  So I compiled fox 1.2 and now the images look fine. It baffles me a little, 
though, that I did not recompile fxruby 1.2, so I guess it does not require 
the info about the availability of the image libraries at compile time? Even 
though it seemed to look them up?

  Anyhow, now it's working, thanks for your help!


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