[fxruby-users] Option Menu problem (list to long)

Brutyn Nick hotmail brutyn_nick at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 2 09:23:32 EST 2006


I have a option menu filled with client options.
Some user have a lot of clients, so the menu list is ver long, it takes al space on screen and it cant scroll down :s:s, or use the arrows to go down.
U dont see the rest of list.

Does anyone has any slution for this?
Or Use another object? Clients can easily go up to 200+.

This is the code:
   # Second row
   FXLabel.new(matrix, "Client")
   # Popup menu
   clientPane = FXPopup.new(self)
   #Connect to webservice (FetchClients)
   @clients = @driver.FetchClients(@@twa, @user.id)
   for client in @clients
    FXOption.new(clientPane, client.name , nil, nil, 0, JUSTIFY_HZ_APART|ICON_AFTER_TEXT).connect(SEL_COMMAND) { getGeotagsByClient() }
   # Option menu
   @clientMenu = FXOptionMenu.new(matrix, clientPane, (FRAME_RAISED|FRAME_THICK|
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