[fxruby-users] create issue

Meinrad Recheis meinrad.recheis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 06:45:03 EST 2006

dear lyle,
i want to propose a solution to an unecessary complication in fxruby:
calling create on widgets whose parents are not created yet!

in previous versions it caused a segfault in the latest versions it
results in application halt and this message: "trying to create window
before creating parent window."

i think it complicates code too much. now i often code something like that:

 wdg.create if App.instance.created?

therefore i had to wrap Fox::FXApp into a singleton class App which
remembers if it has been created yet. that's a convenient workaround
for me but it is unnecessary.

but how about fxruby putting out a warning  "warning: trying to create
window before creating parent window." (a linenumber would be
confortable) and simply ignore that call if the application is not yet
it would allow to reuse code without needing to worry about the

kind regards,
-- henon

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