[fxruby-users] foxguib

ujb1@gmx.de ujb1 at gmx.de
Thu Feb 2 04:28:04 EST 2006

Hello Meinrad,

I can only assent to the statements of the other users who responded to your
I 've created FXRuby gui's manually before I knew foxguib. This wasn't fun
at all and so I really appreciate a gui builder like foxguib.
I'm really contented with foxguib, but as you have asked for points to be
- even more stability is always a good thing (the versions before 0.4.1
crashed very often, 0.4.1 seems to be much better)
- could you make the ascii file format (pp) the default (instead of the rbin
format) -- if something goes wrong with export / import it gives you a
(little) chance to repair things with a text editor
- foxguib seems to save a lot more attributes than necessary (e.g. absolute
widget positions) -- maybe you could only save the necessary attributes.
- help with "complicated widgets" would be nice (it takes some trails until
you know how to create menu bars with menus or tabbooks).

Best regards


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