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Nick Brutyn brutyn_nick at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 1 13:03:10 EST 2006

this is a little update

 i want to make an option menu when the first list is selected, the second will be filled.

the first list contains a list of clients
the second list contains all locations of the selected client

this is my code:

Making the client list
   # Second row
   FXLabel.new(matrix, "Client")
   # Popup menu
   clientPane = FXPopup.new(self)
   #Connect to webservice (FetchClients)
   @clients = @driver.FetchClients(@@twa, @user.id)
   for client in @clients
    FXOption.new(clientPane, client.name , nil, nil, 0, JUSTIFY_HZ_APART|ICON_AFTER_TEXT).connect(SEL_COMMAND) { getGeotagsByClient() }
   # Option menu
   @clientMenu = FXOptionMenu.new(matrix, clientPane, (FRAME_RAISED|FRAME_THICK|
Making the location list (first time, locations from first client)
   # Third row
   FXLabel.new(matrix, "Geotag")
   # Popup menu
   geotagPane = FXPopup.new(self)
   #Connect to webservice (FetchGeotagsByClient)
   @geotags = @driver.FetchGeotagsByClient(@@twa, @user.id, @clients[0].id)
   for geotag in @geotags
    FXOption.new(geotagPane, geotag.address1 + ", " + geotag.address2 + ", " + geotag.floor, nil, nil, 0, JUSTIFY_HZ_APART|ICON_AFTER_TEXT)
   # Option menu
   @geotagMenu = FXOptionMenu.new(matrix, geotagPane, (FRAME_RAISED|FRAME_THICK|

when i select an item in the first list the  getGeotagsByClient() is actived.

  def self.getGeotagsByClient()
   getApp().beginWaitCursor() do
    current_option = @clientMenu.getCurrentNo()
    current_client_id = @clients[current_option].id
    pane = FXPopup.new(self, (FRAME_RAISED|FRAME_THICK|
    #Connect to webservice (FetchGeotagsByClient)
    @geotags = @driver.FetchGeotagsByClient(@@twa, @user.id, current_client_id)
    test = ""
    for geotag in @geotags
     FXOption.new(pane, geotag.address1 + ", " + geotag.address2 + ", " + geotag.floor, nil, nil, 0, JUSTIFY_HZ_APART|ICON_AFTER_TEXT)
     test += geotag.address1 + "\n " 
    @user_text.text = test
    @geotagMenu.menu = pane

here the second list should be filled but isnt.
"@testing" contains all the locations => CORRECT
" @geotagMenu" only contains the one item (selects the 3rd, no the whole list)

Can some help me?

Thanks in adance
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