[fxruby-users] Empty FXTable click workaround

Philippe Lang philippe.lang at attiksystem.ch
Fri Dec 22 07:13:28 EST 2006


There is a small bug for quite a long time in FXRuby (At least FXRuby, but this might be related to Fox, I don't know...) where a click inside an empty FXTable crashes the application.

I have just found a workaround, simply by overloading a few functions in FXTable.

    def startInput(row, col)
      super unless (row < 0 or col < 0)
    def setCurrentItem(row, column, notify=false)
      super unless (row < 0 or column < 0)
    def makePositionVisible(row, column)
      super unless (row < 0 or column < 0)

This works just fine for me. I hope it can help track the problem.

Merry Christmas to everyone,

Regards from Switzerland,

Philippe Lang
Attik System

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