[fxruby-users] [fxruby] howto show a warning message that disappears again?

Axel Etzold AEtzold at gmx.de
Sun Dec 17 17:15:09 EST 2006

Dear all,

I have an application in which I want to show a warning
message "this will take some time..." if somebody
presses a button.
I have tried to do this with FXSplashWindow, but
without much success so far:

btn.connect(SEL_COMMAND) {
	msg=FXSplashWindow.new(self,'warn.gif', opts=SPLASH_DESTROY, ms=5000,text='this will take some time')

Now, I get:

306:in `initialize': No matching function for overloaded 'new_FXSplashWindow' (ArgumentError)
        from f57.rb:306:in `initialize'
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/fxruby-1.6.1/lib/fox16/responder2.rb:57:in `onHandleMsg'
        from f57.rb:1073:in `runme'
        from f57.rb:1087
What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance,


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