[fxruby-users] html widget

lyle at knology.net lyle at knology.net
Thu Apr 27 13:51:01 EDT 2006

On Thu, 27 Apr 2006 11:12:38 -0500, Dylan Bruzenak
<dylanb at digitalvalence.com> wrote :

> In the continuing saga of questions, are there any good html widgets for 
> fxruby ?  Any ideas on building one if not ?

I'm not aware of an HTML widget for FXRuby, much less a really
well-established one for FOX.

I think the best bet for someone (not me) would be to try to wrap Gecko
(Mozilla's HTML rendering component) in a FOX window. Or if not Gecko, some
other existing HTML widget. It won't be pretty, and will take some
dedication on someone's part, but it seems like the quickest path to a
working HTML widget in my mind.

A more interesting, but even less feasible, solution would be to write the
widget in Ruby itself. There are already HTML parsers for Ruby, obviously.
The big challenge would be working out the rendering side of it, i.e. how to
lay out and "draw" the web page into a FOX window.

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