[fxruby-users] Problem with 1.4.2 on fc3

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Mon Oct 17 09:53:44 EDT 2005

On Oct 16, 2005, at 2:02 PM, Piet Hadermann wrote:

> Hi!
> Me again (is anyone reading this except me ? Is this group
> abandoned ???).


I apologize for the delay in responding to your questions. I've been  
out of town this weekend at the Ruby Conference in San Diego, and I  
know that several of our "regulars" from this mailing list were out  
there as well.

Looking back over your last three e-mails, I wanted to address some of  
the main points. First, you found that after building and installing  
the FXRuby gem, the call to

	require 'fox14'

in irb returned false. This is a known problem with RubyGems; see for  
example this bug report:


A better way to check for a successful FXRuby installation is to just  
try one of the example programs (like hello.rb). I should probably  
change the documentation to reflect this.

You also reported several troubling messages from the "gem check  
--alien" command. I wasn't familiar with this option (--alien) but it  
looks like it's complaining about some of the files created as a side  
effect of compiling this extension module (e.g. all of the "*.o"  
files). I will research this to see if there's some way to tell  
RubyGems that those files are, in fact, supposed to be there! Thanks  
for pointing this out to me.

On your last point, as to whether you should use this:

	require 'fox14'

or this:

	require 'rubygems'
	require_gem 'fxruby'

The preferred method (for me) is to set the RUBYOPT environment  
variable to "ubygems", as described in the RubyGems documentation. If  
you do this, the 'rubygems' library will be automatically loaded by the  
Ruby interpreter on startup and then it will be able to find the  
library as 'fox14'. This has been discussed on the mailing list before,  
but it may not be in the FXRuby User's Guide because it's something  
that most RubyGems users already know about. I will see about adding  
this to the FXRuby documentation as well.



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