[fxruby-users] Large Forms Crash

Forrest Chang fkchang2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 17:25:22 EST 2005

HI Lyle:

--- "lyle at knology.net" <lyle at knology.net> wrote:


> Sorry for the delay in responding to this. I have
> been traveling some
> (especially last week) and haven't been able to get
> to a Windows box to take
> a look. I can reproduce the problem after five or
> six displays of the
> dialog. I have filed a bug report about this and
> will try to get it
> corrected ASAP.
  Thanks, I appreciate it.

> As a side note, what kind of application is this
> that is going to require
> the user to fill in on the order of 1800 text fields
> in a dialog box? I am
> concerned that even after I correct the bug that's
> causing it to crash, that
> you're going to have a unusable application on your
> hands.

  It ultimately to populate parameters for a
substantial simulation model.  THere are various
"sites" which have subsystems that need modeling. 
Only one of these subsystems has the huge number of
parameters which produced this problem.  FOr the most
part, these parameters are already in place, and
they're just tweaking the values.  I have a copy
function that allows them to copy the sets across


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