[fxruby-users] Large Forms Crash

Forrest Chang fkchang2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 15:21:02 EST 2005

Joel Wrote:

> I forget, did someone suggest GC.disable? Doing that
before open the
> forms would help diagnose the problem: if it doesn't
crash any more,
> there's probably a dangling pointer somewhere in
fxruby. The
> intermittent behavior of the problem does suggest a
memory bug...

Hi Joel:

  I put in a GC.disable.  Now after 4 clicks, the
forms stop appearing.  No crash, just no forms. 
Before, I'd get 4 forms with 4 clicks, click 5 gave no
form, click 6 crashed it.  

  So it looks like some problem in fxruby


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