[fxruby-users] Installing RubyFX on MacOS X 10.4.3

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Sun Nov 20 22:05:10 EST 2005

On Nov 20, 2005, at 8:44 PM, Russell Fulton wrote:

> Thanks to Lyle I now have everything compiling and installing without
> obvious errors.  For the archive (if there is one) the problem was that
> fink does not have dev versions (i.e. packages that includes the
> compiler header files) of the many of the libraries.  What I did in the
> end was to get the source of the packages from their respective homes
> and install them from scratch.

Very curious. I got all of the packages in question from fink and 
managed to get the needed header files. I am still running Mac OS 10.3 
(haven't upgraded to Tiger) and so I don't know if they've changed 
things for the newer fink distributions.

> Confession time:
> I did not disable GL in building fox as per instructions (reasoning: 
> the
> instruction appeared to be quite old -- I know tiger supports GL so I
> decided to suck and see).

Yes, OpenGL should work fine. Where did you find a suggestion to build 
FOX without OpenGL support? We need to get that advice out of 

> I also came across stuff on the web suggesting that the apple supplied
> ruby was misconfigured and that one had to fiddle with  rbconfig.rb.  I
> have not done this (on the grounds that one should not fix things until
> you are sure they are broken ;)

Yes, I have also heard this about the Ruby included with Tiger. The 
patch that's out there fixing a problem related to building C 
extensions (like FXRuby) and so I imagine it's worth investigating 

> When I get his going I volunteer to update the instructions for 
> building
>   stuff on a tiger using apples Xcode and fink.

That would be great. I still haven't upgraded to Tiger and don't get a 
lot of feedback from Mac OS X users.

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