[fxruby-users] Installing RubyFX on MacOS X 10.4.3

Lyle Johnson lyle at knology.net
Sat Nov 19 12:10:08 EST 2005

On Nov 19, 2005, at 1:38 AM, Russell Fulton wrote:

> The link between the undefined symbols and the messages from the setup
> relating to png, jpg and tiff libraries has not escaped me however I do
> not know exactly what it means.
> libtiff, libjpeg and libtpng are all installed in /sw/lib
> I'm using the Apple XCode compiler and the X distribution that comes
> with Tiger.
> Clearly I'm missing something.  Any help appreciated.

It sounds as though the FOX library (which you built earlier) was 
compiled without JPEG, GIF and PNG support.

Am I correct to assume that since you have libjpeg and friends 
installed in /sw/lib, that you're using Fink? If so, it should be that 
the include files for those libraries are present in /sw/include. Check 
to see if, for example, there's a /sw/include/jpeglib.h.

If those include files are there, it's probably just that you didn't 
configure the FOX built to look in the /sw/include directory for 
include files. If it doesn't know to look there, it's not going to find 
jpeglib.h (and friends) and so it's going to assume that you don't have 
those libraries installed. To configure FOX to look there (in addition 
to the directories that it searches by default), try:

	cd fox-1.4.x
	setenv CPPFLAGS -I/sw/include
	setenv LDFLAGS "-L/sw/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib"

Watch the messages generated by "configure" for stuff relating to GIF, 
PNG and JPEG, and make sure that it's finding those libraries. Then 
you'll type:


to recompile FOX, this time with support for those libraries. You 
shouldn't need to re-compile FXRuby when it's done, just re-link it and 
it should be fine.

Hope this helps,


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